Technology Training Experience

Technology Coordinator, 2015-present


One of my responsibilities at the Center for English as a Second Language is to serve as the technology coordinator for the department. My main goals as technology coordinator is to provide training for teachers to help them integrate technology in the classroom and to make informed decisions when adapting and purchasing technology. My philosophy as technology coordinator is to focus on accessibility in order integrate technology that students already own or that our department or university already provide. I also focus on teacher accessibility in that the technology is free and relatively easy to learn and use.

During my first year at CESL, my focus was to develop an ePortfolio program using our learning management system to help students demonstrate their learning.

Technology Teaching & Learning Institute, 2013-2015


One of my roles as instructional designer at KCELT was to design and facilitate workshops for faculty in Kirkwood’s Technology Teaching & Learning Institutes, which occured at the end of every fall and spring semester.  For the Fall 2013 semester, we designed and facilitated a series of workshops to help faculty integrate Internet video conferencing (IVC) technology, specifically Adobe Connect, Skype, Google Hangouts, and FaceTime into their courses.  For the Spring 2014 semester, we designed and facilitated workshops to help faculty “flip” their classrooms using technology such as Camtasia, QuickTime Player, iMovie, Windows MovieMaker, and Prezi.

After these institutes, the instructional designers follow up on each faculty member who participated in the workshops.  One purpose is to help personalize learning for their teaching contexts.  Another is to build a train-the-trainer model so our participants will be able to train their colleagues.  Our primary goal is to build a community of faculty who share and exchange ideas around research-informed pedagogy.


Technology in the Classroom, 2009-2012


My first extensive experience training pre-service teachers was through my experience as a teaching assistant for the Education Technology Center at the University of Iowa College of Education.  Following a syllabus designed by the Chief Technology Officer, I worked with another teaching assistant as a co-facilitator.  As the junior co-facilitator, I assisted students with their technology issues.  As the senior co-facilitator in my last 2 years, I lead workshops on various types of instructional technology while mentoring the junior co-facilitator.

Most of the course was designed for the purposes of helping pre-service teachers set up and build their e-portfolios following a standardized template created by the Education Technology Center using MS SharePoint.  We also helped these teachers produce, edit, and link various learning objects to their e-porfolios, such as teaching philosophy videos, sample classroom webpages, and narrated PowerPoint presentations about assistive technology and mobile learning.

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