Brief Overview

My teaching experience demonstrates my dedication to both instructional design and English language learning.  I have been an English language teacher since 1998 when I started my first teaching job in Kumagaya, Japan as a conversation English teacher.  However, I’d like to say that I’ve been teaching English since I was a child.  I am the oldest brother to four adopted siblings from South Korea and the Philippines, and I liked to “teach” them English among other subjects a few decades ago.  English was my favorite subject in school and I liked to share my enthusiasm for the language with my family.

I learned about instructional design as a graduate student at the University of Maryland Baltimore County in 2001.  At first, I found ADDIE and backward design to be intuitively appealing and I have applied it to my curriculum design ever since.  I am often surprised to learn that many educators and administrators are not familiar with instructional design, and I believe it would make everyone’s work easier if we could design and assess our instruction through backward design.

If you are interested in more details about my teaching philosophy and experience, I invite you to visit the three pages linked and described below.

Teaching Philosophy

I reflect upon my teaching philosophy as it relates to instructional design, my strengths, and open access.


Teacher Education Experience

I share my personal and professional growth through my teacher education experiences in South Korea, Russia, and Iowa.


English Language Teaching Experience

I share my personal and professional growth through my ELT experiences in Japan, Wisconsin, and Illinois.


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