Education Technology

Brief Overview

As an English language teacher, I have always embraced using technology that is accessible and easy to use for my students. When I taught Technology in the Classroom as a teaching assistant in the University of Iowa College of Education, I began to help pre-service teachers and College of Education faculty develop their ePortfolios and facilitate blended learning environments.  My work as an instructional designer at Kirkwood Community College and my research interests have helped me develop skills aimed to help teachers with social media, primarily with developing personal learning networks through Twitter and Google tools, such as YouTube and Hangouts. Now as technology coordinator at CESL, I guide the direction of our program in regards to integrating technology into English language teaching and learning.

Also, I believe it’s important to share my stance on education technology as it applies to English language teaching and learning.

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This summary comes from a report from Pearson and ELTjam in May 2016 titled Fact or Fiction? Stars of ELT Examine 10 of the Biggest “Truths” in English Language Teaching…But How True Are They?

If you’d like to learn more details about my experience with blended learning, social media, and technology integration training, please visit the pages described and linked below.

Blended Learning

I describe my accomplishments with various blended learning tools for teaching synchronous and asynchronous courses.


Social Media

I explain my process of exploring and developing professional learning networks through social media.


Technology Training Experience

I share my experiences helping pre-service and in-service teachers integrate technology into their classrooms.


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