I am the Assistant Dean of the Applied Language Institute at the University of Missouri Kansas City with expertise in curriculum and instructional design, faculty development, English language teaching, instructional technology, qualitative research, and global initiatives.  I believe a healthy balance of these areas contributes to the development of traditional, blended, and online English language learning and teacher education programs through research-informed practices.  As a director of an intensive English program, I am contributing to the teaching and learning community by connecting our program to partner universities through innovative blended learning practices, including virtual exchanges. If you are interested in learning more about my professional background, I encourage you to explore this site.

Recent Accomplishments

Designed and launched UMKC’s first pathway program, The Paseo Program, Fall 2019 – present, https://shss.umkc.edu/areas-of-study/applied-language-institute/ali-programs/paseo-program.html

Developed and piloting ALI’s online legal English course, Summer 2021 – present, https://shss.umkc.edu/areas-of-study/applied-language-institute/ali-programs/online-legal-english.html

Established new partnerships for the ALI and UMKC in Brazil, Chile, Honduras, South Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia, Turkey, Russia, and Uzbekistan

Revived and strengthened partnerships for the ALI and UMKC in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Japan, and Taiwan

Launched and co-designed the Comprehensive ALI Online Placement Exam (CALIOPE), Spring 2020, https://info.umkc.edu/ali/homepage/future-students/caliope/

Founded and coordinated UMKC’s virtual exchange (COIL) programs, Spring 2020 – Spring 2022

Designed and directed customized online learning programs for partner universities in China and South Korea, Spring 2020 – Spring 2022

Organized and facilitated an online conference, Language Teaching with 2020 Hindsight, Fall 2020

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