GlobalKirkwoodJDSMy name is Jeremy D. Slagoski and I am an educator with expertise in curriculum and instructional design, English language teaching, and research.  This website is designed to reflect these three areas of expertise through the three areas of teaching, research, and education technology shared on this site.

I believe the areas of teaching, research, and education technology merge nicely towards my goals of developing professional English language teachers and online communities through research-informed practices.  As a researcher, I would like to contribute to the community by investigating more deeply into the intercultural competence of teachers.  As a teacher educator, I would like to contribute by engaging and connecting in-service and pre-service teachers both online and in a traditional classroom setting.

Commitment to Service

The most rewarding aspect of my career has been centered around service to the community.  I’d like to share three examples of service that best represent different aspects of my passion for teaching and learning.

Shawnee Hills Intensive English Program Camp


The best example of my engagement in the profession and my enthusiasm for teaching is in my foundation of the first Shawnee Hills IEP Camp (http://bit.ly/ShawneeIEP), an “unconference” for intensive English program faculty and staff in our five-state area. I was able to coordinate IEP partners, sponsors, and our department to offer this professional development opportunity for free and little cost to our program. We were able to solve problems and exchange ideas about learner success, technology integration, and department goals. This is just a small sample of my ability to efficiently and effectively form and lead partnerships for student success and program excellence.

The Diversity Track at Kirkwood Community College’s Collaborative Learning Days

My commitment to diversity is most evident in my development of the Culturally Responsive Classroom initiative, a blended learning opportunity for professional development at Kirkwood Community College, where I was able to establish key partnerships with the English Department, Math & Science Department, International Programs, Media Productions, Academic Affairs, and community partners to accomplish our institutional and community goals. The video above, featuring our successful diversity track during the college’s annual collaborative learning days, is the best evidence of these partnerships.

American Film Showcase at the American Center in Samara, Russia

SamarastarAs part of my Senior English Language Fellowship, I collaborated with two American Fulbright recipients to offer the American Film Showcase to the public in the Russian city of Samara. Over 350 people attended with eight films shown for free with no registration fee.  All films were shown in English with English subtitles for educational purposes.  Each film began and ended with educational activities and discussions.  For more details about my teaching and service as a Senior English Language Fellow, please visit my former professional website at https://sites.google.com/site/jdslagoski/home/employment/english-language-fellowship.

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